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​Due to COVID19, the 2022 Annual Coin Paddle Auction has been cancelled. We hope to be back for 2023 The Paddle Auction will take place at the Batesville Knights of Columbus. Tickets are $15, which includes snacks, tea or lemonade, and paddle. Additional paddles are $1 at the door. Limited quantities of tickets are available and may be sold out before the event. If you would like to purchase a ticket, please email to or call Lisa at 812-924-2585.

How a Coin Paddle Auction Works

When you arrive, you will receive a paddle with a number on it. When the auction starts, the announcer will hold up an item (that has been donated by a local business, individual, or national sponsor). She will give you a description of the item and an estimated value. She will then instruct you on how many quarters each bid is worth (1-4 quarters each item). If you are interested in winning that item, put the amount of quarters in the container (there will be baskets on each table for the quarters) and hold up your paddle. If the number drawn out of the hopper matches the number on your paddle, you win that item! If you have multiple paddles, you will need to put in the bid for each paddle you hold up (ex - If the item is worth a bid of 2 quarters and you want to hold up 4 paddles, put $2.00 in the basket).


You do not need to use all of your paddles, but the number has to match the one(s) you are holding up. If you do not want to bid on an item, or if you have extra paddles not in use, please leave them on the table. If you hear your number drawn and you did not bid on it, please say "no bid" so the caller can move to the next number. If you hear your number called and you have your paddle in the air yell "I love kids!" and a volunteer will hand your winnings to you.

There will also be a 50/50 drawing throughout the auction for a chance to win cash! Bring your friends and quarters for a great time!

Gaming License #013139



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